Fertility- What affect fertility? 9 things that may affect fertility.

July 10, 2019

1. Stress


Chronic stress may cause hormonal imbalances, lowered egg and sperm health as well as create a lack of libido.


Take at least ½ an hour a day to relax the body and mind. Meditation, yoga, pilates or just reading a book or engaging in an activity that helps you unwind.


2. Poor Diet


Semen improves with healthy diets and a healthy weight in a male.  Diets high in saturated fat seem to do the opposite


Positive effects on fertility for women are seen when she has a Mediterranean diet that includes lots of folic acid, vitamin B12 and Omega 3 fatty acids.


3. Prescription Medications


 It has been shown that some medicines can affect ovulation, uterine receptivity to a pregnancy or implantation as well as possible changes in sperm production.  Seek advice from prescribing physician in this case.


4. Alcohol  Drinking 


Alcohol can reduce both men and women’s fertility even a small amount can reduce the chance of pregnancy.  Heavy drinking increases the time it take to fall pregnant and reduces the chances of having a healthy baby.  Drinking can also be harmful to the unborn child.


Stop drinking when trying to conceive is the message  for both men and women.


5. Smoking


Sperm and eggs are ofcourse harmed by toxins in tobacco smoke and can also cause changes to DNA in eggs and sperm.


Try Hypnotherapy ☺


6. Age


Younger women have more and healthier eggs than older women and men have more active and better quality sperm than older men.


 biological clock is different so I would recommend maintain your body as healthy as possible and perhaps with assistance of acupuncture and herbal medicine you can support fertilityEveryone's


7. Sleep


Fertility related hormones are dependent on getting a regular good nights sleep. Ovulation and sperm production are regulated by the same part of the brain as sleep wake pattern.


Always put away all your devices and get to bed early.  Wind down with a bath or anything that helps turn off the mind. ☺




PCOS can affect ovulation and therefore affects fertility.  Irregular periods also make fertility difficult and an imbalance in hormones can also affect implantation in the uterus.


Herbs and acupuncture as well as sound nutrition can assist


9. Lack of exercise


Avoid high intensity exercise.  Moderate exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can help improve chances of fertility.


½ hour a day of walking or moderate exercise like pilates, yoga ☺




For the women:


Black cohosh- used in regulation of periods


Shatavari- used in regulation of periods,combatting stress and increasing cervical mucous


For the Males:


Damiana -modulates sperm and assists with impotence


Tribulus - increases sperm count, libido and sperm vialbility



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