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New Beginnings ....

Wow..... what a crazy 18 months it has been in the clinic. Thank you for all your support. Today was a blessed day with so many chipping in and helping with the new changes. We have moved the reception desk , as we had outgrown the old one and the waiting area is now sitting at the front of the clinic to create a quieter space for yoga, pilates and consultations in general. I will be mixing more teas in an area created especially for that I have decided to move away from food sales because I am developing my own products and you can purchase those things that we had stocked in Coles and Safeway as well as the organic shop a few doors up from us at Green Soul Organics We are only keeping those things that I truly believe in not all health foods that clients come in for and request are healthy so to stay true to my values you can now purchase these elsewhere I look forward to revealing many more tea blends, tonics, natural vitamin range, essential oils...and so much wont happen overnight...but it will happen !!!! step by step... As I have finally finished the book..I now look forward to finally commencing the 'SIGNIFICANT WOMENS TRIBE' support groups and we have decided with Maria Handler that they will be twice a month on a Friday morning ...tune in for updates as to what will happen at the first one. Ultra lite is now being looked after by Jodie who has done an amazing job with her own health and she is here to support you all the way having had her own personal struggle in the past with weight management..she's here to inspire you and support you to reach for your goals..

Maria Handler is now working on Thursdays offering Holistic Counselling , reiki and relaxation massage. If you want to push through resistance and grow as a person...shes the one to see We are seeking a casual front office person to assist Jodie so please look out for job description or forward your resume to We have one room available for hire and also workshop space on a casual basis. Please forward enquiries to the office on 0397075745. On 24th November Wendy and I will be running a three hour yoga, pilates and nutrition night...look out for the invite..will be out soon We will be closed for the cup weekend and x-mas holidays will be from midday 24 December until 12 January 2015. I look forward to looking after more of you and hope that you have found our services to your satisfaction. The growth has occurred extremely quickly and we have had to adjust so many things in such little time. Unfortunately, I cannot promise to respond to you on the telephone as I used to because I no longer have the capacity to do that nor is it legal. However please email me at and I can respond here. I cannot advise on email or on the telephone you will have to make an appointment. It has always been in my nature to assist at all hours and wherever possible but I want to protect my license and therefore I can no longer do it My passion to help hasn't changed...I love my work...I love to help people feel better..and I look forward to continuing to serve you all



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