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Here's what I learnt on my special night with Oprah!

Here's what I learnt from a night with Oprah..

  • What you've done to me has already been done to you...for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...bam!

  • Not everyone can be famous but we can all strive to be great

  • Seek excellence in all that you do

  • Have gratitude everyday..there is always something to be grateful for...

  • Meditate

  • 'No" is a complete sentence don't have to explain nor justify yourself

  • Never do something just to be will always struggle with resentment

  • Do things with the right intention

  • Always question what your intention is

  • Always seek love not fear

  • Your own energy is your power and nobody can affect that

  • Listen to your inner voice

  • Connect with self during quiet time

  • Most people seek validation regardless of their socioeconomic status

  • Most arguments are just about being telling someone you hear them generally means that the argument is over

  • Whatever you are curious about that is your purpose

  • When purpose meet personality..thats where your authenticity is

  • Your legacy is all the people that you have touched in your life

  • The children belong to the future

  • There is no life without a spiritual life listen to that

With Love

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