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SAY YES TO LIFE...In the face of the ever changing dynamic we call life its truly heroic that we choose to live again and again. Just by saying yes to life is how our life unfolds before our a seed germinates to grow into a plant..eventually flower and shine bright. We move through all the cycles yet dont you think that we must ask..what are we saying yes to? How does yes make us feel? Even our hardships become a yes because when we choose life going through these hardships is where our deepest transformations occur. In our despair is generally when we ripen. In our vulnerability is generally where we find a huge empty space that needs to be filled in an enormous universe. In order to live a full life we open our hearts with a massive yes knowing that regardless of the outcome we will be brought to the core of our own life...and we will be ok... Tell me your own story...all of it it..for in the sharing..there is still that are still HERE...and you have CHOSEN.... Con Amor...Kari


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